My Hero by Miss Kathy

I have always thought of my son as a hero. As a grade school student he had a very difficult time learning to read. After being diagnosed with dyslexia , he knew there was a reason it was hard, but knowing why didn’t make it easier. He loved books and listened to them on CD’s all the time.   As he got older he didn’t want to let a little problem keep him from doing what he loved, so
he practiced and practiced and practiced some more.
Although homework was hard and he wasn’t required to do as much as everyone else, he still did because he wanted to make sure he didn’t miss out on any learning. He knew he could be as smart as anyone, it was just going to take a lot more effort.

Eventually all of that hard work paid off and he graduated from high school and wondered if he could make it in college or if it just wouldn’t work.


So, with some trepidation, he left for college, played hockey, got a Bachelor’s Degree in three-and-a-half years , and after two years of searching for his dream job, he achieved his life long dream of becoming a Police Officer.

Now he isn’t just my Hero, but he can be everyone’s hero…..

family photo

Miss Kathy

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