Action Girl

When I entered high school, my brother finally allowed me to touch his comics.  Not that I hadn’t been very carefully opening up the bag-and-boards and reading Zot! on the sly.  He also shared a book about comics (Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud), which made me want to try reading all kinds of comics.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much that I liked!

Action Girl #1
Action Girl Comics” by Sarah Dyer. Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Action Girl Comics” href=”Action_Girl_Comics.jpg”>Fair use via Wikipedia.

My brother gave me the first Action Girl anthology around that time.  It was a collection of comics by women, edited by Sarah Dyer (who has worked on a variety of comics and animation, sometimes with her husband Evan Dorkin).  Her motto was “Girl-positive and female-friendly, but never anti-boy.”  I loved it, but I never found any more for sale until I moved to Chicago for graduate school about 10 years later.  Once I knew they were out there, I searched for them and bought every last one.
-Miss Sarah

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