Friendship makes heroes

calico cat outsideFriendship is like a superpower; it can make you strong, courageous, and generous. Normal people or even animals sometimes become heroes just because they help others who are in need the most. Helping others makes you feel good, you should try it.

This is a story about friendship between a girl and her cat. This cat had a special fur pattern, like close patches on a white coat and yellow fierce eyes. At the time the cat was probably older than the girl. Summer was nice and breezy and they loved to play outside, the cat, her kittens and the girl. Sometimes the girl played with her friends and the cat watched them from distance with careful eyes. At the end of the day they went home together, the cat climbing the stairs leading to the apartment fast and quiet. The girl enjoyed feeding the cat that ate her food making funny, chomping, satisfied noises and purring. Then the cat liked to pass her tail under the girl’s nose like a playful way to say, “Thank you.” The girl and the cat were so close that sometimes no words were necessary to understand each other.

Fall came and the girl started school. One day she was returning from school and was about to enter the building where she lived. All of a sudden a large brown dog, burst through the doors barking and barking at the girl. The girl froze in surprise and looked behind it to see if any owner would show up. With each bark the dog was getting closer and closer. “Don’t move, don’t run”, she thought. She remembered her dad saying, ”If you run, the dog will bite you.” She looked to see if any adults were around. There were none. She cried, “Help” but the tears muffled her words and nobody heard her. From the corner of her eye she saw a slinky shadow moving fast around the corners and quietly along the wall. Then a few seconds of nothing. The girl lowered her backpack in front of her legs but that move suddenly enraged the dog and it launched forward. She closed her eyes preparing to feel pain but instead she heard the dog yelping. With lightning speed the cat jumped from a dark corner to the dog’s back and scratched its face with all her might, hissing and biting. Then after the surprise attack she jumped away and disappeared. The dog now was no longer dangerous, its ears were hanging low and the girl walked away. She found her cat and gave it a hug. The cat purred and passed her tail under her nose.

After many years, that girl still remembers what happened. She remembers how grateful she felt when the cat appeared and fought to save her. That girl actually told you the story.

Mrs. Andreea

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