And now, a word from Daredevil


I was checking the links on the Children’s part of the library website when I found that the children’s page for the Talking Book and Braille Service had disappeared.  I got in touch with the Illinois State Library, and they recommended that children and adults use the website at the link below:

Visit the Illinois Talking Book Outreach Center website!

Fountaindale has some Braille books for children, but you can get a lot more through the Illinois State Library Talking Book and Braille Service.  They also have digital books and descriptive videos for children.  Search the word juvenile in their catalog to find children’s materials.

The Illinois Talking Book Outreach Center describes their services this way:
“We provide free library service for anyone unable to read regular print because of low vision, blindness, or a physical disability. We register your for talking books and playback equipment. Talking books are mailed free to and from library patrons, wherever they reside. There is no charge, whatsoever, to the patron. Currently, we serve approximately 12,500 active readers.”

If you are interested in the services the Talking Book Outreach Center provides, there is an application on their website.  Librarians are on the list of people who can certify that a person has a physical disability or visual impairment, and we would be happy to help fill out the forms.  A person with a reading disability must have a doctor certify the application (full details are on the same page as the application), so this would be a good thing to take along if you have a checkup before the first day of school.

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