No Toy Swap this year, but…

The library will not be holding the Toy Exchange this year so that we will be able to offer other special events such as the Star Wars Celebration.  If you would still like to swap your old toys for new ones, here are some local options:

Who will take my old toys?

Bolingbrook Freecycle
Bolingbrook Freecycle is an online group you can join to let people know about items you are offering for free.

Bolingbrook Operation Christmas
Contact Chair Lee Bush at (630) 373-9995 to volunteer or to drop off donations.

Organizations that offer home pickup

You can also check the list of resale and thrift stores below.

Where to find free things

Bolingbrook Freecycle
Once you have become a member of the online Bolingbrook Freecycle group and offered a free item to the group, you can also make requests for items you want.

Bolingbrook Operation Christmas
After November 30, Bolingbrook families in need can call 226-5589 to find out about opportunities to choose items for their families.


Resale and thrift stores


Once Upon a Child

POWER Connection Resale Connection


If you know of other opportunities to donate or find used toys in Bolingbrook, please let me know and I will be happy to share the information.

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