Jazzy music for kids

Home by Jazzy Ash
Listen to a review and a bit of her New Orleans-style music here: http://www.npr.org/player/embed/434668707/434668708

Jazz pour le bebes
Jazz Pour le Bebes (Jazz for babies!) by Sarah Gardner
Along with some Dixieland legends, Sarah Gardner brings songs from the 1920s to the present to kids for a romping good time. Kids hear the old standards from their perspective. For instance, Hello Dolly is a song about a lost toy.
You can listen to one of the songs on YouTube:

JumpinJazz Kids
JumpinJazz Kids: A Swinging Jungle Tale original story by Mark Oblinger and Linda Lawson; orchestral score by Steve Barta
Seven-year-old Claire, with the help of her stuffed animal friends, searches her grandfather’s back yard “jungle” for a lost story.
Go to http://jumpinjazzkids.com/ to listen to some of the songs.

Nightlight Daylight
Nightlight Daylight by Muriel Anderson
Visit http://murielanderson.com/ for a video and sample of the music.

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