Meet the Magazines

IMG_0830[1]Are you looking for ways to help your children enjoy reading?  Did you know that in addition to books, the library also has magazines for children?  There are children’s versions of popular magazines like National Geographic Kids and Sports Illustrated for Kids, children’s magazines enjoyed for generations like Cricket and Ranger Rick, and new offerings like Disney Junior Magazine.

Nowadays you can even download digital versions of magazines through the Zinio for Libraries app.  The service is free, just like checking out a physical magazine.  The library is even able to offer some titles digitally that we don’t have on the shelf, like Iguana and Spanish language editions of Ask, Babybug, and Ladybug.

The Parents’ Choice Foundation has an online guide to magazines they have recognized with awards.  It provides a nice summary of each magazine’s appeal (and occasionally an evenhanded look at its weaknesses).

UPDATE: This just in!  In the past, you might have tried to check out the newest issue of a magazine and found that it did not circulate.  Children’s magazines will now all be available to check out and take home, including the latest issues.


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