Ted Williams, record-setting hitter

No Easy Way: The Story of Ted Williams and the Last .400 Season by Fred Bowen; illustrations by Charles S. Pyle
Ted Williams hit .406 for the season in 1941–a feat not matched since. In this inspirational picture book, authentic sports writing and rich, classic illustrations bring to life the truly spectacular story of the Red Sox legend, whose hard work and perseverance make him the perfect role model for baseball enthusiasts of all ages.

Ted & Me: A Baseball Card Adventure by Dan Gutman
When Stosh travels back in time to 1941 in hopes of preventing the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that brought the United States into World War II, he meets Ted Williams, one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. Includes notes about Williams‘ life and career.

There Goes Ted Williams: The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived by Matt Tavares
Ted Williams, the legendary Red Sox slugger, lived a life full of dedication and passion. From his days as a young kid playing ball in North Park to his unmatched .406 season in 1941 to his stints as a fighter pilot in World War II and Korea, the story of Teddy Ballgame is the story of an American hero.”–P. 2 of cover.

The Unforgettable Season: The Story of Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, and the Record-Setting Summer of ’41 by Phil Bildner; illustrated by S. D. Schindler
Tells the story of baseball greatest heroes Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams and how during the summer of 1941 they each set records that still stand.

Faster, Higher, Smarter: Bright Ideas that Transformed Sports by Simon Shapiro
Ted Williams and the art of swing speed” is just one of the topics in a book that also covers pole vaulting, cycling, and bungy jumping.

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