Snowflake Meditation

Tcopos-de-nievehis is the season when one notices and enjoys the beauty of winter.  I was warming up with a cup of hot chocolate and gazing outside how peaceful was snowing. I started to admire the snowflakes slowly whirling in the air and think about their unique journey across the terrestrial atmosphere that confers them beauty. My mind started to recall their names in different languages, names that I’ve heard across the globe accompanied by smiles and delight. These thoughts revealed that every culture has names that express their gracefulness and beauty is a common language that rises above cultural diversity.

English – Snowflakes

German – Snowflakes – Schneeflocke

French  – Snowflakes – Flocon de neige

In German and French the words also allude to a clump of wool.

Italian – Snow bow ties – Fioco de neve

Polish – Snow petals – Płatek śniegu

Romanian – Snow down feathers – Fulgi de nea

Spanish – Snow little cups – Copos de nieve

Sinhala – Snow little flowers

So wherever you are, use your senses to enjoy the season and remember a Zen proverb that states: “A snowflake never falls in the wrong place”.


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