Quick pick: Cobweb Christmas

When I started working for Fountaindale in 1985, the department head had a party at her home. As I admired her tree, I noticed a spider on a web ornament and asked about it. She said it is a German tradition and told me about the book A Cobweb Christmas by Shirley Climo.
The next Christmas, I received a spider on the web ornament as a gift. When my daughter left home, she asked for a spider on the web ornament. I could not find one, but asked the library staff to assist with my search. An elf found one and left it in my mailbox without a note about the cost or who the elf was. When my son left  home, he, too, asked for a spider on a web.
This time, the elves were with me as I found one in a Minocqua, WI Christmas shop. The spider and web now has a place on the side of the tree since my mother-in-law passed away almost 10 years ago. She requested this ornament be put at the back of the tree as she was afraid of spiders and this ornament gave her the creeps when she saw it!

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