Do-It-Yourself Storytime

Last week a sad little face came up to the desk and asked, “Bubbles?” We don’t want to disappoint anybody, and we know you may be missing some of your favorite things while weekly storytimes are on break.


We’re still getting everything together for the Summer Adventure (which starts June 1). Weekly storytimes will begin again on June 11. Until then, we’ve put together everything you need for a Do-It-Yourself Storytime!


Just choose some stories or nursery rhymes from the cart and find a cozy spot to read. Does your reader always want to touch the shapes on the flannel board or try on the finger puppets? Now’s your chance! When you’re all done, please come to the desk to ask for bubbles.

All the books are available to check out. Please leave the cloth items for the next person. Feel free to take some paper finger puppets to use at home.

Looking for some inexpensive ways to repeat favorite storytime activities at home? Try:

  • Making a flannel board from a pizza box
  • Putting a spoonful of rice in a plastic Easter egg to make a shaker (use duct tape to make sure it stays closed)
  • Buying some scarves from a thrift store to wave or toss

For more ideas, you can visit some of our favorite websites with tips for enjoying books with your child and activities that will help children build their reading skills: Colorín, Colorado, Reading Rockets and Zero to Three (all produced by the same organization for slightly different audiences) and Reading is Fundamental: Literacy Central.

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