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Have you signed up yet?


Experts recommend children hear at least 1,000 stories before they start to learn to read themselves. Families who read aloud to their children strengthen their language skills and build their vocabulary. Start your child’s love of learning with our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten initiative.

How Does It Work?

Fountaindale Public Library cardholders can sign up for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten at the Children’s Services Desk.

At signup, you’ll receive a free tote bag and your first reading log. Color in a circle on the log for each book you read to your child. Remember to include books read at home or at storytime, daycare and preschool. If you read the same book multiple times, count each time you read that story.

After each 100 books you read, bring your completed log to the Children’s Services Desk for a new log and a prize!

How Long Will It Take to Reach 1,000?

1 Book per Day = 3 years
2 Books per Day = 1.5 years
3 Books per Day = 1 year
4 Books per Day = 9 months
5 Books per Day = 7 months

What Prizes Will My Child Earn?

In addition to gaining more language skills and a robust vocabulary, you child will earn:

● 100 books = Animal Sticker
● 200 books = Animal Sticker
● 300 books = Animal Sticker
● 400 books = Free Cookie Voucher from Brooks Café
● 500 books = Animal Sticker
● 600 books = Animal Sticker
● 700 books = Photo on the Storytime Throne
● 800 books = Animal Sticker
● 900 books = Animal Sticker
● 1,000 books = Certificate of Completion and Free Book

This program is made possible by the generosity of the Friends of Fountaindale.