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Hey, Rick Riordan fans!

Are you waiting for your copy of The Dark Prophecy?  Did you know Rick Riordan has another new book you can read while you’re waiting? We have copies of Camp Half-Blood Confidential on the shelf for you to check out right now, featuring short stories and interviews with the characters. We can also help you put a hold on the book or one of our NOOKs so you can read it as soon as possible!

2014 Children’s Choice Book Award Online Clubs Return!

Registration has started for the Monarch (Kindergarten – grade 3), Bluestem (grades 3 – 5), and Rebecca Caudill (grades 4 – 8) online reading clubs!  In Children’s Services you will find the lists, annotated bibliographies, and copies of the books. Join your club (we’ll be happy to register you!) then read (or listen to) and log the minimum number of nominated books (see below). Vote for your favorite at the library (unless you are voting at school)! Read all 20 books on your list and you will be eligible for a free paperback copy of one of the nominees for 2015.

Monarch Award logo

Register through March 8
Read 5 to vote February 15 – March 13
Club ends March 15

Bluestem Award logo

Register through March 8
Read 4 to vote February 15 – March 13
Club ends March 15

Rebecca Caudill

Register through February 8
Read 3 to vote February 1 – 26
Club ends February 28