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Need another hero?


Do you have a kid who loves Wonder Woman? Unfortunately, there’s not a ton of Wonder Woman comics for kids (they tend to be written for teens and adults). There’s somewhat more available in picture books and chapter books, and she makes it into a couple of ensemble comics. If you’re looking for movies and TV shows starring heroic girls and women, here are a few suggestions:

Barbie in Princess Power

Batgirl, Year One

DC Super Hero Girls

Jacket (1)
Ladybug & Cat Noir

Legend of Korra

Jacket (2)
PowerPuff Girls

Jacket (3)

Jacket (4)
Stan Lee Presents Mosaic

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Action Girl

When I entered high school, my brother finally allowed me to touch his comics.  Not that I hadn’t been very carefully opening up the bag-and-boards and reading Zot! on the sly.  He also shared a book about comics (Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud), which made me want to try reading all kinds of comics.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much that I liked!

Action Girl #1
Action Girl Comics” by Sarah Dyer. Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Action Girl Comics” href=”Action_Girl_Comics.jpg”>Fair use via Wikipedia.

My brother gave me the first Action Girl anthology around that time.  It was a collection of comics by women, edited by Sarah Dyer (who has worked on a variety of comics and animation, sometimes with her husband Evan Dorkin).  Her motto was “Girl-positive and female-friendly, but never anti-boy.”  I loved it, but I never found any more for sale until I moved to Chicago for graduate school about 10 years later.  Once I knew they were out there, I searched for them and bought every last one.
-Miss Sarah