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Spooky movies for kids

Children watching TV - NFS

Children watching TV – NFS (Photo credit: danxoneil)

Goosebumps and Scooby Doo are popular favorites with the children who browse at the library.  We often get requests for “scary movies,” though the definition of a good scary movie varies a lot from child to child.  If you need ideas for something new to watch, or if you want some guidelines about what to show children of a certain age, the library website lists some useful links at Modern Media & Online Safety.  Two of the sites listed, Common Sense Media and Parents’ Choice both offer advice to parents as well as recommended movies:

Avoiding a Nightmare on Your Street

Movie Monsters

Scary Halloween Movies (But Not TOO Scary!)

Scary Movies for Kids

These include favorites like Coraline, Monster House, and The Nightmare before Christmas.

You can also search for reviews of individual movies on sites like Common Sense Media, IMDb, or Rotten Tomatoes.  Reviews for a few more movies not mentioned already–but available from your library– are listed below:
Kiki's Delivery Service
Kiki’s Delivery Service is a great non-scary movie about a girl witch and her black cat traveling away from home for the first time.

Mad Monster Party
Mad Monster Party is a good choice for fans of stop-motion animation holiday specials like Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer (or fans of Boris Karloff).

Casper has special effects for fans of haunted houses.

Casper Meets Wendy
Casper Meets Wendy mixes a good dose of silliness with its scary elements.

Igor asks, why should mad scientists have all the fun?

Scary Godmother 2
Scary Godmother 2: The Revenge of Jimmy is all about a boy who’s too afraid to enjoy Halloween, his little sister, and her spooky friends.

The Canterville Ghost
The Canterville Ghost has a Shakespeare-quoting ghost played by Patrick Stewart and a bit of romance for kids old enough to be interested in that sort of thing.

The House of Dies Drear
The House of Dies Drear tells the story of a family in a moving into a house with secret passages that date back to the Underground Railroad, which might hold ghosts– or a treasure!